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Listen Up, Then Tell Lionsgate to Do the Same
3 days 18 hours - Lions Gate Entertainment (Lionsgate) and other production companies are shipping American musicians’ jobs overseas—...
6 Ways Pew Research is Encouraging a Generational War Over Social Security and Medicare
3 days 19 hours - Matthew Yglesias points to a new piece from the Pew Research Center that, it seems, was written to spur a nonexistent...
'I Thought I Wouldn't Survive': Rana Plaza Survivors Tell Their Stories
3 days 20 hours - “I thought I wouldn’t survive,” Aklima Khanam said, as she described how she felt when she was trapped under machinery...

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MT @LaborSec: Vet. Erick Varela was homeless/jobless. Now he's an #IBEW apprentice electrician with PG&E: http://t.co/mwdyeKgcHB #ActOnJobs 2 days 18 hours ago
America’s hollow economic recovery http://t.co/It5T1rHG59 #1u 2 days 18 hours ago
A Florida congressman gets schooled on the living wage (VIDEO) http://t.co/mgTHTRElZ6 #1u 2 days 21 hours ago
Will raising the minimum wage cost jobs? Let’s tackle that and a bunch of other facts. (via @Upworthy) http://t.co/7mwGnMgfbq 2 days 23 hours ago